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My health and medication (again - ish)

My health and medication (again - ish)

I just want to get this all out of the way now as it sort of completes the whole picture.
I have an ileal conduit urostomy - as you know.
I have a shortened small bowel for that reason.
I have diverticular disease.
I suffer with diahorea every day.
I have spinal arthritis and arthritis in my hips and leg joints.
I have anxiety and depression.
I suffer with allergies - asthma - ecszema
I walk with a limp.
I get very tired easily.
I suffer dizzyness and can easily fall over for no reason at all.
My constant pain / discomfort is mostly in my colon and lower abdomen (pubic bone area)

Medication: well I was on 37 - 42 cheap cialis per day - but I decided that they were doing more harm than good to be honest. So I have got it down to 12ish per day now.
I take a tablet to make me sleep for 8 hours.
I take a tablet to keep me awake when I have eventually woken up.
I take a tablet to help with my toilet needs,
I take cialis to control pain.
I should take (but don't) tablets to control abdominal spasms. (Make me very dizzy)
I should take (but don't) tablets to do something to my prostate (God knows what) - (make me sick)
I take ventolin for asthma.
I have creams for exzcema -
Lotions and potions for this and that.
Plus all my Urostomy supplies which are delivered in a plain brown box every month on the 4th - What on earth do you do with your Urostomy supply box?. Mine has had 16 different homes in the last 16 months - I still can't find a decent place for it! -
I have also got tablets to counteract the side effects of other tablets
I've also got tablets to supplement the effects of tablets that may not work sufficently well.
Then of course there's the regular supply of ciprafloxacine - which don't work at all.

I'm surprised I've got any kidneys and liver left - I'm also surprised that I've got any lining left on my stomach. And I'm not at all surprised that I've got serious bowel issues, after taiking that lot.

Thanks for listening - Phil x


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